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Child's Seizures Followed 4 month Schedule of Vaccines

Video: Post-treatment changes

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How safe is your child’s vaccine?

An eight month old male infant was referred to me for evaluation of seizures. The child developed seizures and became non‑interactive shortly after his 4 month schedule of vaccines. From birth to six months the recommended schedule includes: Hepatitis B, Rotavirus, Diphtheria, Pertussus, Tetanus, and Pneumococcal. The pediatrician referred the child to a major children’s hospital where they put him on steroids to treat the seizures. The child became wired and irritable. Since the child was not showing any improvement the parents decided to take a more natural approach.

The initial evaluation of the child revealed viral meningococcal infection in the left side of the brain along with thimerosal (ethyl mercury), glyphosate (pesticide Round-Up) cadmium, aluminum, and lead. A nutritional program was prescribed and tested for compatibility. Within six weeks the child’s seizures resolved and he became the loving interactive child he was suppose to be. The two critical points are: 1) vaccines are dangerous specially with all the toxic additives and 2) conventional treatment is obsolete with potentially dangerous side effects.

I strongly recommend all parents faced with the vaccination decision to peruse the National Vaccine Information Center site (www.nvic.org). Armed with their information you will be able to make a more informed decision.