Case Reports & Studies

The song, "The head bone is connected to the neck bone; the neck bone is connected the shoulder bone" and so on reveals functional anatomic relationships that led researcher Dr. James Carlson, of Seattle Washington, to invent an instrument that literally helps realign the body and reduce or eliminate chronic head, neck, facial and low back pain of structural origin.

Researcher, author, and clinical practitioner, Dr. Gerald H. Smith, has collaborated with Dr. Carlson to refine the clinical techniques. Doctor Smith is a recognized authority in the field of head, neck and facial pain. Here we present a wide variety of sometimes not-so-obvious connections that can result in resolution of problems many health-care professionals would have given-up on. Indeed, for some of these patients, many physicians had given up on them.

  1. Mercury / Migraine Connection, 25 years of migraines resolved
  2. Dental / Neck Pain Connection, reversing 5 years of neck pain
  3. Dental / Chiropractic Connection, correcting structural imbalance
  4. Nutrition / Heart Failure Connection, reversing congestive heart failure ... the old fashioned way
  5. ALF / Orthodontic Connection, non-extraction orthopedic expansion
  6. Skull / Teeth Connection, - cranial distortions, mechanical tooth interference, mercury poisoning, residual infection in an old root canalled tooth, underactive thyroid and emotional issues resolved through Craniodontics
  7. Orthodontics / Neck Pain Connection, correcting teeth as a means to correcting neck distortions
  8. IQ / Orthodontics Connection, why conventional orthodontics must change
  9. Dental / Arm Pain Connection, two years of arm pain resolved
  10. Dental / Skeletal / Toxin Connection, 8 years of pain and 50 doctors later, ...
  11. Dental / Chronic Fatigue Connection, 12 years of chronic fatigue resolved
  12. Dental / Low Back Pain Connection, back surgery averted
  13. Dental Bridgework / Face Pain Connection, 20 years of facial pain resolved
  14. ALF / Whole Body Connection, chronic headaches, neck pain and low back pain totally resolved by correcting crooked teeth and skull distortions
  15. Atypical Facial Pain / Dental Connection, years of chronic facial and tooth pain resolved
  16. Bipolar Disorder / Dental Connection, dental mercury damages brain tissue and thyroid
  17. Congestive Heart Failure / Dental Connection, it is know that, statistically, patients with dentures are among the most medically compromised group of patients and have the highest rate of chronic illnesses
  18. Face Pain / Dental Connection, 22 years of face pain resolved in 4 months
  19. Orthodontics / Headache Connection, 10 years and 50 doctors later ...
  20. Dental / Dermatologic Connection, tracking-down "hidden" infections ...
  21. Dental / Cancer Connection, some insights and conclusions from Reversing Cancer ...
  22. Dental / Hernitaed Disc Connection, four previous major surgeries failed to resolve chronic pain ...
  23. Dental / Rheumatoid Arthritis Conncection, a noninvasive approach utilizing technology developed in the 1930's was used to resolve the streptococcal infection within the tooth ...
  24. Bruxism: Dental/Cranial Connection ... when patients' bites and skulls are aligned at the same visit they report back that their need to brux or gind their teeth greatly diminishes or totally disappears.
  25. Atypical Facial "Pain": Dental/Cranial/Whole-Body Connection ... the alignment of the teeth is a critical factor in providing the self-correcting mechanism for balancing the skull bones.
  26. Viral/Vertigo Connection ... Direct Resonance testing revealed the presence of cytomegalovirus in both ears.
  27. Dental/Congestive Heart Failure Connection The toxins produced by residual strep infection are capable of weakening the heart muscle ...
  28. 30-Year Dental/Migraine Connection Treatment focused on removing the four major factors ... supporting the deep overbite, chelating out the mercury and chemicals and nutritional support to balance nutritional deficiencies ...
  29. Facial Pain: Dental/Whole Body Connection Patient's journey started a little over three years earlier when she had the remaining upper teeth extracted and an immediate full denture placed.
  30. Dental / Facial Pain / Posture Connection Distortions of the sacrum will influence pelvic posture and ultimately the position of the legs and feet, which have to compensate.
  31. Dental / Sciatic Pain Connection The functional connection lies in the dural tube that connects the cranio dental complex, spine and sacral/pelvic complex.
  32. Dental / Migraine Connection Many of the symptoms plaguing migraine patients have their origin from stimulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS).
  33. Dental / Sinusitis Connection Since the roots of the upper posterior teeth are in close proximity to the maxillary sinus, they pose a potential for causing sinusitis.
  34. Oral Shingles Ten years of unrelenting pain.
  35. Orthodontic / Migraine Connection Three years of pain resolved with a single, bonded resin shim
  36. Dental / Raynaud's Connection ... excess mercury became concentrated in patient's thyroid resulting in hypothyroidism. Patient demonstrated many of the signs and symptoms listed for Raynaud's Disease.
  37. Dental / Cystitis Connection ... patient's medical colleagues prescribed the standard of care treatment for the severe pain ... but the pain persisted for two years ...
  38. Dental / Social Anxiety Disorder Connection (S.A.D.) ... many mental problems experienced today are the result of chemicals passing through the brain disrupting normal function and also dysfunction of the thyroid due to faulty nutrition and toxins from the oral cavity.
  39. Dental / Facial Pain Connection Dental / Feet / Low-Back Connection ... 20-year-old's failed lower back surgery resolved with foot orthotics and dental shim.
  40. Tooth Extraction / Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Connection ... a young chiropractor's unrelenting pain solved with quantum methods.
  41. Severe Eczema / Vaccine Connection ... trauma triggers eczema due to childhood vaccine trapped in tissues.
  42. Dental / Low Back Pain Connection ... 40 years low back pain resolved in one treatment.
  43. Dental / Scoliosis Connection ... 30 years suffering scoliosis dramatically improved in one treatment.
  44. Cranial / Migraine Connection ... 15 Year Migraine Headaches Resolved.
  45. Cranial Alignment / Whiplash Connection ... 1-1/2 years of post-ehiplash pain resolved.
  46. Cranial Alignment / Injury Connection ... Six months in pain from a work-related injury resolved.
  47. Periodontal Disease / Arsenic Connection ... The source of the arsenic was pesticides from her vegetarian diet
  48. Hypothyroidism, Tetanus Vaccine, Itching, Insomnia, and Wheat Allergy Connection ... a six year-old little girl was referred with a severe itching problem for approximately 3 years, which disturbed her sleep.
  49. Dental Migraine/PMS/Low back and Neck Pain Connection ... Patients who have had four bicuspid teeth removed for braces bear structural distortions throughout life.
  50. Dental / Head-Face-Neck-Shoulder Pain Connection ... Patient suffered severe left sided symptoms: constant headaches, retrobulbar (behind the eye) eye pain, tinnitis, facial pain in the region of the cheek, shooting neck and shoulder pain.
  51. Re-Treating Four Bicuspid Extraction Retraction Orthodontics vs Insanity ... Using the Diagnostic Indicators developed by Dr. Smith, patient's cranial bone distortions were defined and provided the guidelines for retreating her case from a more physiological approach.
  52. Craniodontics: Five years low back pain resolved in one-half hour ... By means of cranial manipulation to rebalance Lee's skull, release of her spastic diaphragm, and providing tooth support by bonding a "shim" of dental resin, her lower back pain totally disappeared.
  53. Dental / Chronic Pain Connection: Ear Piercing, Tooth and Other Subluxations ... Often times multiple issues are present that require unraveling in order to effect a resolution
  54. Headache / Hearing / Cranial Connection ... three years unrelenting headaches and muffled sounds gone after one ALF appliance adjustment
  55. 20 Years of Migraine Headaches Resolved with ALF
  56. Post-Whiplash sequelae of 8 months resolved in one treatment
  57. Twenty years of lower back pain and ten years right thigh pain resolved
  58. Five Year Post-Football Concussion/Low Back Pain Resolved in One Treatment
  59. 20 Years of Migraine Headaches Resolved with one cranial adjustment
  60. Liver Transplant Averted with Natural Medicine
  61. Blindness Caused by a Stealth Virus
  62. Loss of Teeth Due to Arsenic Poisoning
  63. Pitfalls of Conventional Orthodontics
  64. Ten years neck and lower back pain due to faulty orthodontics
  65. Pitfalls of Orthodontic Treatment and Dangers of ALF Appliances
  66. High Blood Pressure treated the old-fashion way
  67. Bilateral shoulder pain and tinnitus resolved with cranial adjustment
  68. Right shoulder pain resolved by orthodontic correction
  69. Lazy left eye and structural distortions
  70. Eight years of chronic pain due to third molar extractions
  71. Successful Treatment of Bell's Palsy
  72. Five months of left knee pain resolved in two days (Theraphi Plasma System)
  73. Twenty years of Upper Cervical Pain and Vertigo resolved in two days
  74. Pitfalls of Third Molar Extraction
  75. 15 years of vertigo caused by a root canal treated tooth
  76. Four months of post-extraction pain due to clogged maxillary right sinus
  77. 11-year-old's Severe Eczema Resolved with Energy Medicine Diagnostics and Nutritional Protocol: Debunking the Latest Medical Mantra for Plaque Psoriasis, Eczema and Rashes
  78. Loss of Quality of Life Due to Faulty Orthodontics
  79. Dental / Cancer Connection (endometrial cancer)
  80. Six years of post-whiplash injuries resolved in one‑half hour
  81. Months of low back pain resolved with one cranial adjustment
  82. Eczema: Examining the real underlying causes
  83. Feline Eye Infection Resolved in 90 Seconds
  84. Eight Years of Vertigo Resolved in one Theraphi Session
  85. Twenty-four years of pain, paresthesia and malocclusion resolved in one hour
  86. The insanity of mainstream orthodontics: severe facial pain created by conventional orthodontic treatment
  87. Cancer Treatment Breakthrough: Quantum energy technology can now detect underlying cancer stressors
  88. Gardasil Vaccine: Fact or Fantasy
  89. Concussion Revisited: 16 years post-concussion syndrome resolved in 1.5 hours
  90. Canine Seizures Unraveled
  91. 21 Years Post Concussion Symptoms Resolved in One Treatment
  92. Post-Concussion Syndrome Due to Three Gymnastic Concussions
  93. Unrelenting Sciatic Pain Resolved in One Treatment
  94. Hashimoto's Disease Uncovered
  95. Dental / Hashimoto's Disease Connection
  96. Post-Surgical Scar Pain Resolved with Neural Therapy
  97. Walking Pneumonia Resolved in 2 Days
  98. Post treatment for the Symptoms of Removing the Thyroid because of Cancer
  99. Neural Therapy resolves eight years of left shoulder range of motion restriction
  100. Stage IV Lung Cancer markedly improved in two months
  101. Pigeon Toed Gait Instantly Corrected with Shoe Orthotics
  102. Post Femur Fracture Pain
  103. Cat's eye infection greatly improved with Bioptron System
  104. Traumatic Bell's Palsy Caused by Dental Procedures
  105. Drug-induced Vertigo
  106. What Eczema, Insomnia, Weight Gain, Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression All Have In Common
  107. Dental/Menstrual Migraines Connection
  108. Child's Seizures Followed 4 month Schedule of Vaccines
  109. Dental / Hearing Loss Connection
  110. Dental Cervical, Shoulder, Pelvic & Pain Connection
  111. High Blood Pressure Resolved With Systemic Enzymes
  112. Depression, Panic Attacks, and Anxiety Linked to Thyroid
  113. Invisalign is for Robots
  114. Migraine Headaches and Whiplash