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"There is no coincidence in the universe" I was meant to take this course. His teaching has made a significant contribution to the positive outcome of my wife's illness. I have taken many, many courses over the years, and I would rank Dr. Smith's courses as one of the most life changing teaching ever. And I don't get impressed easily. Dr. Smith's Quantum Nutrition Technique is an excellent resource to effectively tackle a wide range of no solution health issues. He has excellent clinical and practical understanding know how to integrate mind, body and nutrition to achieve ultimate health."

Overall, Dr. Gerald Smith has helped me create great value for my patients.

Dr. Paul Moon
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

new frontiers in dentistry

(2-Day, Hands-on Workshop)
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(Workshop designed for practitioners including: DDS, DMD, MD, DO, ND and PT)

• Quantum Testing Technique
• Cranial Indicators
• Cranial Manipulation
• Scalar Energy
• CyberScan

There have been many advances in dentistry in the last 100 years but none compare to the comprehensive diagnostic and treatment capabilities of energy medicine. Energy medicine gives the practitioner a non-invasive, accurate, and efficient way to evaluate the patient's chief complaints, define the core issues and resolve the underlying problems by correcting the defects.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce practitioners to an innovative science based diagnostic and treatment paradigm.
  • Teach a non-invasive technique to evaluate patients chair-side to define their core problems.
  • How to effectively evaluate and interpret test results using the CyberScan technology.
  • How to determine the most efficient treatment plan to resolve patient's problems.
  • How to efficiently evaluate and correct occlusal cranial distortions.
  • To understand the nature and power of scalar energy in resolving dental/medical related pain.

The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it. — Ayn Rand

Science based medicine and dentistry provides state-of-the-art diagnostic technology with one major exception: the inability to diagnose the real causative factors. The New Frontiers in Dentistry seminar as developed and presented by Dr. Gerald Smith teaches practitioners to efficiently and accurately triage patients to diagnose the dental origin of patient's chief complaints. Doctor Smith's 46 plus years of clinical practice provides proven innovative technology that connect the dots and overcome analysis paralysis. The modern version of the Hippocratic Oath sums it all up: …"there is art to medicine/dentistry as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug."

The New Frontiers in Dentistry seminar is your invitation to join the super specialty in the field of Integrative Health.

This innovative seminar was specifically designed to give practitioners advanced techniques to solve difficult cases and provide an alternative approach to resolving routine dental/medical issues. This new technology will raise the bar of practice excellence and open a new horizon to attract new patients.

Seminar: New Frontiers in Dentistry
Lecturer: Gerald H. Smith, DDS, DNM
Dates: To be announced.
Location/Directions: Doctor Smith's office
  Langhorne (Bucks County), PA
Cost: US$ 1200 (two-day seminar)
CEUs: 14 Academy of General Dentistry and PACE
Attendance: Limited to 15 practitioners


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