NOTE: IDI – Introductory Diagnostic Indicators is a pre-requisite

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Occlusal Cranial Balancing Technique
A New Vision in Dentistry

2 DVD Set†

$ 495.00

ocb dvd

The conventional dental model of occlusion's role has never been defined physiologically in terms of its relationship to the cranial bones. Clinical experience has now established the true function of occlusion: Occlusion represents the self-correcting mechanism for balancing the skull bones. This mechanism is one of the most important keystones that help maintain homeostasis of the body.The Occlusal Cranial Balancing Technique offers for the first time a logical approach to re-establishing masticatory muscle balance, stability of the cranium, TM joints and spine. Possessing the knowledge and skills to perform the OCB technique will enable practitioners to have more control of the central and peripheral nervous and structural systems than any other health care professional. The Occlusal Cranial Balancing Technique will take dentistry into the next generation of excellence.

Presented by Gerald H. Smith, DDS, DNM, an internationally known researcher, author and lecturer.

† This presentation was taped at a recent Occlusal Cranial Balancing Technique seminar. Two Disc series